Our Story

License2Bling began as a dream to make our cars as unique as every other part of our lives. When looking to customize our cars, we found the only real options were either bumper stickers or after-market rims and performance parts. We wanted more.

If we were going to create the world's most beautiful car accessory, we knew we needed to look to the jewelry industry for inspiration. License2Bling's Precision-Bright Embedding™ process is derived from diamond jewelry crafting. Using only the highest quality Swarovski™ crystals and chromed steel, we created a new niche market -- jewelry for your car.

Since our inception, License2Bling has become the choice of celebs, athletes and musicians everywhere. These stars are creative, unique individuals and License2Bling fulfills their desire to make their cars express their personal identity.

License2Bling, located in Temecula, California, has grown into the market leader and is expanding the line to include other fine car jewelry products such as Breast Cancer Support Ribbons, Crystal Fish and American flags. Car jewelry is the latest frontier of car customization and License2Bling is leading the way.


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