License 2 Bling VIP Frame

Because we at License2Bling support numerous causes, we wanted a way to gain support in the most visually noticeable way possible. With our proprietary construction, jewelry-like craftsmanship and 74 Genuine Swarovski crystals, the License2Bling Ribbons are the best way to show your support.

Displaying a License2Bling ribbon on your car is a sure-fire way to draw attention to your cause. With the large, multi-faceted Swarovski crystals and custom jewelry-like craftsmanship, the License2Bling ribbons are stunning pieces that won't go unnoticed. Not only are License2Bling ribbons perfect for your car, but also for other creative locations like laptops, doors and binders. Show your support by placing L2B Ribbons everywhere!

The L2B Ribbons are available with pink crystals to support Breast Cancer Research or yellow crystals to show support for our troops. Best of all, a portion of proceeds go to support the corresponding cause. Additionally, L2B ribbons are available in red, white and blue to show your American support.

Exclusively Swarovski™

Each industry has its Rolex or Rolls Royce. In the crystal business, the ultimate is Swarovski™. For over 100 years, Swarovski™ has provided jewelers with the most exquisite crystals for their pendants, necklaces and accessories. We are pleased to be partnered with Swarovski™. From a distance and up close, nothing compares to genuine Swarovski crystals.

License 2 Bling VIP Swarovski Frame

Multi-Faceted Chaton Cystals

A crystal is only as beautiful as the number of facets (sides). We choose only the Swarovski crystals with the most number of facets for our products. The effect is immediately visible - when the sun hits multiple facets, it creates a rainbow of color rivaled only by diamonds.

Additionally, L2B Swarovski crystals are all chaton-style. No flat back crystals, the chaton crystal features a pointed back that doubles the number of crystal facets. With our chaton crystals, the brilliance and color is stunning.

License 2 Bling VIP Swarovski Frame

Precision-Bright Embedding™

All License2Bling Swarovski products feature our proprietary Precision-Bright Embedding™. Where typical crystal-covered products are simply flat-back crystals glued onto a flat surface, L2B Precision-Bright Embedding™ places the crystals deep inside the steel frame with jewelry-like precision.

With Precision-Bright Embedding™, the visual effect is stunning - the crystals shine with brilliance and the style is far more professional. Additionally, Precision-Bright Embedding™ means the crystals are in the frame to stay.

Smooth Steel Chrome

L2B Frames and accessories are all made out of high grade metal alloy and silky smooth double chrome. Additionally, L2B products are thick and substantial. Plastic or stamped metal products are instantly identifiable as cheap and flimsy. L2B products, with the thick steel construction and high quality chrome, are the world's highest quality crystal car accessories for your car.

Hand-Crafted Construction

No generic machine construction here. All License2Bling products are built by hand in the time-honored jewelry tradition. Our Swarovski crystals are hand-placed in the frame and double-checked to ensure perfection.

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