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License2Bling Swarovski Car Jewelry is the newest trend to hit fashion boutiques and automotive dealerships. License2Bling's Swarovski crystal license plate frames ($50-$130) are proven sellers in dozens of Mercedes Benz dealerships, hot boutiques and car washes.

License2Bling products are a proven seller for both men and women. This non-compete product has shown to be an excellent add-on product to supplement your current revenue -- its bright crystals attract attention and the price points are right for everyone!

Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian and many more celebs have purchased our products at fashion boutiques for themselves and gifts for friends. Combined with our advertising in celeb gossip mags and press coverage, License2Bling is quickly becoming a recognized and desired product.

Additionally, because we're so confident of our product, we offer wholesale accounts a full 90 day guarantee, no questions asked! If the product doesn't perform after 90 days, we'll take it all back.

Included with every account is our upright display, proven to increase sales and attract customer attention.

License 2 Bling

Precision-Bright Embedding™

License 2 Bling

Above, License2Bling's proprietary Precision-Bright Embedding process places the crystals deep inside the frame. Compared to a flat-back crystal mounted on a flat surface, L2B's construction is not only more durable, but also far more attractive.

Chaton Swarovski™ Crystals

License 2 Bling

From left to right: Chaton face, flat-back face, chaton bottom, flat-back bottom.

License2Bling uses only chaton-style Swarovski crystals. Unlike flat-back crystals, chatons are the only choice of diamond and high-end jewelry manufacturers. Chaton crystals have the most facets and shine of any crystal style in the world.

Additionally, License2Bling uses only the highest quality crystal in the world -- Swarovski. Internationally known as the world's finest crystal, License2Bling's products featuring Swarovski crystals offer unparalleled shine, quality and bling.

License 2 Bling

Torx screws keep License2Bling frames secure. Featuring locking bolts and a special key, Torx screws are the premier security device for License2Bling frames.

Ribbons and Accessories

License 2 Bling

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