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Exclusively Swarovski®

  Each industry has its Rolex or Rolls Royce. In the crystal business, the ultimate is Swarovski®. For over 100 years, Swarovski® has provided jewelers with the most exquisite crystals for their pendants, necklaces and accessories. L2B is pleased to be partnered with Swarovski®. From a distance and up close, nothing compares to genuine Swarovski® crystals. 

Chaton Crystals

 In our quest to create the world's most beautiful license plate frame, we chose the world's most beautiful crystal style, the "chaton." Unlike the standard "flat back" crystal, the pointed back chaton has more facets, brilliance and shine. Luxury jewelers use chaton crystals and diamonds exclusively. Nothing else comes close. license plate frames

Expertly crafted

 An expert's touch is required to beautifully craft products using chatons. Rather than simply gluing a flat back crystal on a frame, each L2B chaton crystal is hand fitted into the frame with jewelry-like precision. Once placed, the crystals sit flush in the frame, creating a stylish aesthetic. L2B is the only license plate frame maker in the world to utilize this Precision Bright Embedding process® ...and it shows. 

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