256 frames

 Make other cars jealous with the License2Bling 256 Series Frame! The 256 Series is similar to the VIP but with, as the name implies, 256 genuine Swarovski crystals. With rounded edges, mirror-like triple chroming and heavy-duty construction, the L2B 256 Series will be your car's new favorite accessory.

The 256 Series is available in multiple beautiful colors. When seen in the sun, the Swarovski crystal shines in brilliance due to its multiple facets and exclusive colors. No other crystal in the world shines like Swarovski! 

About Us

256 Chrome Ice


256 Frame in Chrome finish with clear crystals

256 Chrome Pink


256 Frame in Chrome finish with light pink crystals

256 Chrome AB


256 frame in Chrome finish with Aurore Boreale crystals