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License2Bling began as a dream to make our cars as unique as every other part of our lives.  When looking to customize our cars, we found the only real options were either bumper stickers or after-market rims and performance parts.  We wanted moreIf we were going to create the world's most beautiful car accessory, we knew we needed to look to the jewelry industry for inspiration.  License2Bling's Precision-Bright Embedding process® is derived from diamond jewelry crafting.  Using only the highest quality Swarovski® crystals and chromed steel, we created a new niche market -- jewelry for your car.

Since our inception, License2Bling has become the choice of celebs, athletes and musicians everywhere.  These stars are creative, unique individuals and License2Bling fulfills their desire to make their cars express their personal identity.

our process


Why Swarovski®?

 A crystal is only as beautiful as the number of facets (sides).  We choose only the Swarovski® crystals with the most number of facets for our products.  The effect is immediately visible - when the sun hits multiple facets, it creates a rainbow of color rivaled only by diamonds. Additionally, L2B Swarovski® crystals are all chaton-style.  No flat back crystals, the chaton crystal features a pointed back that doubles the number of crystal facets.  With our chaton crystals, the brilliance and color is stunning. 


Precision Bright Embedding process®

Our frames and accessories are all made out of high grade metal alloy and silky smooth double chrome.  Additionally, L2B products are thick and substantial.  Plastic or stamped metal products are instantly identifiable as cheap and flimsy.  L2B products, with the thick steel construction and high quality chrome, are the world's highest quality crystal car accessories for your car. No generic machine construction here.  All License2Bling products are built by hand in the time-honored jewelry tradition using our proprietary Precision Bright Embedding process®.  Our Swarovski® crystals are hand-placed in the frame and double-checked to ensure perfection.

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